Cat Waits for Over 400 Days To Find New Home

Here’s the story of a beautiful white kitten and his patience. Our friend waited for over 400 days to be adopted by someone. Eventually the shelter where he lived did something for him, a week before Valentine’s Day.

Here’s Champas!

Champas is a very expressive cat, but he wasn’t always like that. Over one year ago, in December 2015, he came to Animal Welfare League in Australia. He was so timid, kept people at distance, and hid almost all the time. Because of this behaviour people didn’t notice him, and many other kittens were adopted instead of him.

So the shelter had a wonderful idea: Champas had to be the receptionist at the front desk along with a human, so that he could start socializing with people.

It was definetely the best thing for him, he started becoming confident, and when he finally learnt to not fear humans, nothing could stop him.

Champas got so bold that he started to demand attention from people, purring louder and louder.

Since Champas already spent last Valentine’s Day in the shelter, the staff set up a special campaign to make him leave the shelter just before Valentine’s Day of this year, so that he could pass it with his new owner.

The catch phrases were:

I’m a single, white male looking for love…

I like romantic naps on your paperwork, long sniffs of your petty cash, and curling up on your stuff.

Office cat with impeccable credentials! CHAMPAS

Champas is the shelter’s superstar!

The campaign gave its results and four days before Valentine’s Day, Champas met his human, a guy named Nathan.

It was love at first sight!

Nathan said:

To everyone who is wondering what happened to Champas the long term resident of Kemps Creek – he came home with me today, and after biting my hand, went straight to sleep.

Champas started living the life he deserved and take possession of Nathan’s bed, LOL!

He couldn’t ask for nothing better for Valentine’s Day.

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Source: buzzfeed


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