Tiniest Kitten Survives Dog Attack And Thrives

Here’s the story of Trooper the kitten that used to live underneath a porch in Colorado, together with his four siblings. He was only 10 days old when out of the blue he and his family were attacked by a dog.

Unfortunately only Trooper and his sister, Patience, survived the attack. A Good Samaritan found the two kittens and took them to the Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital, where they then contacted the Foothills Animal Shelter. Trooper’s situation was desperate, they had to amputate his right front leg, because the dog mauled it.

The poor Trooper was just 10 years old, so he cannot have surgery. He and his sister could barely open their eyes and couldn’t walk properly.

Dr. Emily Hays, chief veterinarian at Foothills, talked about this difficult decision:

Anesthesia for such young animals can be very dangerous, but we knew without the surgery he wouldn’t survive, so we decided to take the chance.

Trooper had the so risky surgery, and fortunately he managed to survive.

The road to recovery just started, and it was a difficult one. Trooper and his sister were placed into a foster home, they both were bottle-fed, and had to be monitored all the time. There was even a risk of infection, so they had extra attention changing bandages often and cleaning his wounds.

Two months later, Trooper recovered fully, demonstrating his strenght and charisma. He and his sister are both happy cats with a love of toys. It didn’t pass long before he and his sister were adopted by different homes.

Trooper found a new human mom, Cindy H., who was happy to say:

We feel so fortunate that he’s a part of our family and settling in nicely.

You can help Foothills Animal Shelter here.

Source: The Dodo

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