Family Gets Surprise Visit from Several Unexpected Guests

A couple in Peoria, Arizona had the most unexpected visit on their back patio.

Paul and Pamela Oldach, the Arizona couple, were passing a normal Sunday morning, until they had a look outside a saw several guests they didn’t expect at all. It wasn’t just a litter of kittens playing around, but it was a litter of wild bobcats! The young ones were playing in the couple’s backyard, and the mother and the other adult bobcats were controlling that the kittens were safe.

The couple said:

These little guys stayed in our yard for about 20 minutes until mom arrived.

Seeing Arizona nature at its best.

They were very curious while roaming our backyard. At one point, all three took a drink out of the pool.

The kittens played in their yard for about 20 minutes. It was then their mother that got them together to leave. Even though bobcats are quite shy animals, these three kitten were very curious, so curious that they even drank from Oldach’s pool. It’s not the first time that bobcats show up in the houses of residential neighborhoods if they’re given food and water.

The couple managed to record a movie of these wonderful animals.

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Source: cbs5az

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