You Won’t Believe What This Cat with Only Two Back Legs Can Do

This wonderful kitten, Able, is just phenomenal. Are you asking why? Because he’s only got two hind legs but isn’t different from any other cat.

Say hi to Able!

Able can climb stairs and jump like a kangaroo because he has really strong hind legs. He even walks on his only two legs as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

Four years ago, before becoming famous, Able was just a stray cat in a city of Thailand, he had to survive only by his own means. The turning point in his life was when he had a terrible accident. While he was chasing a bird on a roof, he unfortunately fell on an electric transformer, and got badly electrocuted. He lost his front legs and his tail but he managed somehow to survive.

He was found by a lovely woman who helped him to get well. She said:

The first time I saw Able, I felt such energy and inspiration to live my life. He’s a very strong cat, indeed.

It wasn’t easy for Able to adapt to his new condition at all, he had really bad wounds, but his courage and love for life gave him the strenght to stand up on his hing legs a start a new life as a bipedal cat.

He didn’t only stand up, he even started climbing flights of stairs. When he walks he hops like a kangaroo and his jumps are so high!

His disability didn’t change him a bit. He fully recovered and lives a strong and happy life on two legs.

His name, Able, explains it all. They chose this name because he’s able to do do everything as a normal kitten. He’s got a strong personality, too. He’s so clever and always gets what he wants.

After all this jumping, i need some rest!

Able’s owner told:

He is a nice kitty, although he’s a bit whiny. He likes to play with children and will stare into your eyes to get what he wants.

How can you resist him…

This story doesn’t end here! Able has a really special step sister too, Fin Fin. She cannot use her hind legs, but like her brother she manage to live a normal life. They complete each other.

I’m cap-Able of doing everything!

Here’s the king of stair climbing.

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Source: Coconuts Bangkok

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