Senior Cat Ended Up at Shelter and was Terrified, But Two Months After Adoption

Here’s the story of a senior cat who couldn’t find a home for a long time. Eventually a couple took him from the shelter. He was initially scared of humans, but it took only two months for things to change.

Here’s Teak!

Karyn Poplin of Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary found him at a local shelter, waiting on death row. Teak was 10 years old. She said:

We don’t know why he ended up at the shelter, not every shelter gives us this info, but we couldn’t let that face disappear.

Karyn and her husband have a cat sanctuary for cats with special needs in Fort Worth, Texas. She took the cat with her because she wanted to give him a better life and a loving home. Teak was really afraid of people, so it took some time for him to adapt to his new loving environment.

He was absolutely terrified of people. He would only eat when we left the room or if we were asleep.

Karyn and her husband managed to get close to Teak step by step, dosing food and love to not scare him. Karyn remembers:

He was scared and hid behind and under our bed for what seemed like forever. One night we woke up and he was snuggled up to our butts.

Two months passed, but eventually Teak understood the people are good, and he shouldn’t be scared of them. He overcame all his fears and started showing them love.

Teak now always sticks his tongue out! LOL!.

He’s a big butt snuggler!

He’s not so much into getting attention but he loves to take naps with us and other kitties. He’s quiet, and doesn’t run from us anymore. And he’s super soft.

A cute picture of Teak with his friend Samantha, a resident cat at the shelter.

The terrified kitty changed completely. He likes cuddles and pulls pranks on his humans with his funny face.

Now he sleeps in bed with us every night… He’s come a long way! Goofy guy always has his tongue out!

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Source: Animal Planet Life

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