Cat Becomes a Hero After Saving Trapped Man…

Here’s a great story from Manitoulin Island, Ontario. A cat rescued a neighbor who had his arm trapped by his garage door. Fortunately the cat was inside her house and could help immediately.

Here’s the hero of this story, Ivy.

Ivy is two years old and lives with Mary Johnston, her owner of 72 years old, in Tehkummah, a little town. Ivy has always been famous for being a calm and poised cat. But one one day she got unexpectedly nervous and started walking frantically from the windows to te couch, and it looked really like she was worried about something.

That change in Ivy’s behaviour obviously made Mary worry, so that she said to CBC

Ivy will usually lay on the couch next to my chair when I’m reading.

She even jumped on Mary’s lap as a last chance to have her attention, so that she could understand that there was something going on.

I heard what I thought was a cat in distress, that deep growl sort of noise they make.

When she finally went outside to check, she could only hear that sound and followed it to the barn of her neighbor, Eric Russell. Unfortunately the sound wasn’t from a cat, but it was Eric who had his arm trapped by garage door and was suspended in mid-air.

He’s been fixing his garage door and the spring let go, caught his arm, and he couldn’t get out of it.

After this shocking discovery she called fof help as fast as she could. They took Eric to the hospital really fast and were able to save his arm.

He had quite a bit of damage to his arm and nerves.

Ivy was really a tiny hero because thanks to her Eric’s arm was saved. Just some minutes more and he could have lost it!

As Mary said:

I think she heard these sounds of distress and it bothered her. So she figured I should do something about it.

Eric was very thankful that Ivy had heard him and got my attention to him. He bought her a gift certificate from the pet store. At Christmas time, Eric bought Ivy a basket of goodies and toys and he came to talk to her.

Maybe there’s some karma involved in this story: Ivy is a rescue cat and her heroic act can be seen as a way to balance things out, to say thanks to the world.


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Source: CBC

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