They Heard Meowing During Rainstorm and It Was the Tiniest Furball Asking for Help…

A tiny kitten was heard meowing aloud during a rainstorm, asking for help. Nobody couldn’t understand how he finished there…

Here’s our little friend Winston!

In January, during a rainy day in California a man heard a little kitten crying and his attention went immediately to him.

When they finally found him, they discovered a little fur ball completely soaking wet by rain, who was calling for his mom meowing as loud as he could. They couldn’t find his mom, so they took him away in a safe place.

The kitten started purring thankful for the people who dried him up and made him warm.

Soon after, they called the Cat House on the Kings, a cat rescue and sanctuary in Parlier, California, asking if they could help the kitten and even give him a new home.

At the time of the rescue, our friend Winston was just four weeks old.

He’s our first bottle baby of 2017. Isn’t he a sweetheart?

Nobody really knew what happened to the kitten and how he finished all alone in the rain.

As Harvie Schreiber of Cat House on the Kings said:

Sometimes mom cats are in the process of moving kittens and get scared off. Sometimes they only have one kitten. Sometimes kittens wander off.

Whenever people find one kitten, we always ask them to be sure and check for littermates.

Winston now is well fed and stays in a warm place. He feels really loved and expresses his joy with his constant purring.

Schreiber said:

He is currently doing well in foster care with one of our staff members who is giving him non-stop love, cuddles and care.

When Winston will be bigger and older, and after he will be neutered, tested and vaccinated, he will be ready to be adopted by a loving family.

You can help here. Cat House on the Kings is on Facebook.

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Photos by The Cat House On The Kings

Source: Love Meow

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