Kitten Found Alone in Pallet Yard Snuggles Up Rescuers Shoulder and Won’t Let Go

A tiny ball of fur was found all alone by his life saver in a pallet yard. When her new human mother took him, the kitten started to purr so loud, curling up on her shoulder and he didn’t want to separate from her.

Here’s Woody, the protagonist of this sweet story:

Her new mother, Sandra, said:

This little guy was found in a pallet yard, no siblings or mama in sight.

The little furball was dirty and really thirsty.

When I went to give him a bath, he started to try to lap up the water. Poor baby must’ve been so dehydrated.

When Woody was clean and ate something to get stronger, he could finally rest in a cozy bed, and it sure was the sleep he was awaiting since so long.

He woke up and started making biscuits when I went to go check on him.

Little Woody insists on being a statement necklace. It makes me so sad to think this affectionate guy was out there by himself.

The shoulder of his Sandra is definitely his first choice for napping.

Woody enjoys human company so much and won’t let them alone!

He always jumps on their lap and gets up to their shoulder and gives funny headbutts and lovely kisses.

Sandra can confirm:

All he wants to do is climb on my lap, onto my neck.

This little kitten loves to tease his people. He escapes routinely the playpen and finds a soft spot to lay on, and from there he looks at people with a grin of pleasure on his face.

He controls his humans and asks often for their attention, and they can’t resist his meow!

The life of our tiny friend Woody changed for the better: from being a homeless cat without his mom, he’s now a really loved cat and he can count on the shoulders of many people.

Is he a cat or a parrot?

Here’s Woody who gets all the cuddles!

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Photos by Sandra @lafosterkittens, Lindsay @hooplalaa

Source: Cats Meow Lovers

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