Here’s Zoë, the beautiful cat who literally wears her heart on her chest.

Here’s a story of a beautiful cat who used her heart to get adopted, literally! When her humans decided to adopt a cat, they first opted for her sister. But the protagonist of this story, a wonderful kitten named Zoë, used a trick to make her new owners fall in love with her too.

She had a special birthmark on her chest, a patch of black fur that resembles a heart perfectly, both in shape and location. Surprisingly, nobody noticed her special patch before. Obviously her soon-to-be owners loved immediately Zoë and her patch, so they decided to adopt both the two tuxedo sisters, so that they could be together in their new home.

When Zoë grew, her fur became longer and even her heart got bigger.

So now they call her ‘The Fluff’ for her longer fur, but her general nickname is ‘Queen Of Hearts’.

Zoë and her sister Izzy are quite popular on Instagram too, their account counts about 75.000 followers. Zoë immediately got a lot of attention for her heart shaped patch, and then Izzy started getting fans too for her lovely and really expressive face.

The two kittens are British Shorthair mixes and even though they look similar they have their peculiarities. While Izzy is fearless and loves adventure by nature, Zoë is really curious but more cautious.

They both are very tender and nice towards their humans and each other too.

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