Feline Mom Knew Just What To Do To Save Her Tiny Kitten’s Life

When a stray cat in Canada understood she was about to give birth, she had to find whatever warm place for her soon-to-be-born kittens. She needed to find a good place very soon, because the weather in Vancouver was really cold and she had to protect her kittens.

Tasha Bukovnik, the vice president of VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association), said:

Calida tried her best to find a warm place to give birth, but was only able to find an outdoor laundry room with a freezing concrete floor.

Unfortunately, because of the cold, four of Calida’s five kittens didn’t make it.

All the kittens were healthy and would have lived had Calida been able to give birth in a warm environment.

Only one kitten survived. Calida tried to warm up her kitten with her body, but soon the homeowner found the kittens and called for help right away. Volunteers with VOKRA arrived and brought them to the rescue center as soon as possible, even though the roads where icy.

When they arrived at the center Calida was really hungry, she didn’t eat for quite a long time, so she ate voraciously, and when she was full, she started nursing her baby kitten, whose name was now Sentrie.

Bukovnik said:

Sentrie is a chubby little girl, but Calida is on the thin side and can’t seem to get enough food.

Calida was a surely a tame cat, so her carers thought that she belonged to someone and was abandoned after.

VOKRA hopes this story could be an example for people and encourage them to get their pets spayed and neutered to avoid unnecessary suffering.

Calida and Sentrie are getting stronger day by day and even if their story is really sad, their future is bright. They will both be moved into foster care so that they can recuperate in a home environment, and then they can be adopted together by a family.

Source: We Love Cats And Kittens

Photos By: VOKRA

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