Cat Who Lost Hind Legs Just Got New Pair of Bionic Legs, Now He Can Walk Again.

Here’s a fantastic story of A kitty from Bulgaria who became the first bionic cat in Eastern Europe. He just received a pair of bionic hind legs.

His name is Pooh – the Bulgarian for “fluff”

The black and white cat lived in a small village in North Bulgaria. One day in April they found him with his hind legs seriously damaged, probably because he was hit by a car or even by a train.

A local animal organization, Let’s Adopt Bulgaria, rescued Pooh. At the Central Vet Clinic, they couldn’t save his legs, even though they did their best. They decided to try something new for Pooh, because he couldn’t jump or run without his hind legs, and the doctors wanted to do something to make his life better.

As Let’s Adopt Bulgaria said:

We work with amazing doctors with brave people who do not hesitate to seek solutions beyond established practices.

Veterinary surgeon Vladislav Zlatinov tried something innovative, giving Pooh a pair of ITAP prosthetic legs, so that he could walk on all fours again.

The vet created two tiny polymer-and-rubber paws mounted on titanium stems, that fitted perfectly on the kitten.

A month later Pooh tried to walk… and it was a victory! As the surgeon said:

Pooh’s condition is more than satisfactory. There might be some clumsiness but he can walk, jump and run.

Let’s Adopt said too:

The method has enormous advantages over standard external prosthesis in animals that require daily maintenance by the owner and often cause complications.

With ITAP, all these drawbacks are avoided.

There are other bionic cats out there. Noel Fitzpatrick in Britain gave in 2009 Oscar, the first bionic cat, a new pair of legs.

There’s another bionic cat too, Steven, who had new legs with the same procedure.

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Source: Bored Panda

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