The Two Kittens That Discovered The Heated Foot Warmer

When Tora and Saba, two beautiful kittens sisters, found the heated foot warmer, they won against the winter cold. They immediately snugged inside and won’t get out! It’s so hot in there!

The two little kittens won’t leave the foot warmer for all the winter, as @kokonananya from Japan says.

You know when it’s turned on because you’ll always find Tora and Saba napping inside. The only solution for human is to ask them if they can use it.

It’s getting cold, so I bought a heated carpet for my feet. As soon as they turned it on, the kittens snuggled right in.

Maybe they can share it sometimes….

Kittens told us the real purpose of a foot warmer.

Maybe humans have to change its name in Kitten Warmer…

Here’s a sweet video for you.


Source: Bored Panda

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