Grumpy Rescue Kitten Transforms Into a Happy Kitty

Here’s the story of a tiny ginger kitty who got to the shelter with a really grumpy face. It was soon clear to her rescuers that she was unhappy, and they eventually managed to make her smile again with their loving help.

The ginger ball of fur got to the San Jose Animal Care Center and the reason of her grumpiness was a nasty ailment that was really unbearable for this beauty. Dr. Sharon Ostermann, the vet who cured her, could confirm that the kitten was suffering so much because of feline scabies, which causes a terrible itchiness and the loss of fur.

She said:

There is no clearer way to see how miserable scabies can make an animal than seeing the transformation of this one tiny kitten.

She wouldn’t move much. She would sit, with squinted eyes, looking miserable.

It was obvious that her battle was against her skin, which was scabby and crusty. The vet and her team immediately knew what to do in order to cure her and give her back the happiness she deserved. In just one month, she felt way better: she started jumping all around and playing with everybody at the shelter.

A few weeks into her recovery, she was already looking happier and seemingly in less pain.

Look at her before and after photo:

The ginger kitty was happy again, was full of energy and wanted to play all the time.

After she got well, she was spayed and found immediately her new loving home who adopted her.

Here’s a video of the ginger kitten.

You can read about the kitten’s recovery here

Source: We Love Cats and Kittens

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