Elderly Cat Abandoned At 17 Is Ready to Open Her Heart Again

Here’s the heartwarming story of Cinnamon, an elderly cat of 17 years old who, after a difficult life, had the chance to open her heart again.

Cinnamon had a home in which she lived seventeen years with her owners, a really long time in feline years. But before June 2016, the time she was rescued, the elderly couple died in just few months apart, and Cinnamon was taken by relatives which treated her badly and wanted to drop her out of the house.

Cinnamon eventually was rescued by rescue group in Greece named SCARS. But she got really angry at anyone for being removed from her home, since she had big troubles accepting her new environment. Probably the changes of the last months changed her character, but it was obvious that she was really sad.

In the first days nobody couldn’t get close to Cinnamon. It took some weeks for her to start tolerating humans in the room and their proximity, but she didn’t allow yet to be touched, so nobody couldn’t comfort her.

As Valia of The Orphan Pet said:

I have never seen an angrier cat in my life. She was furious, confused and so lonely. Months kept going by and all we could do is enter her room, ignore her as much as possible, clean up, change the water and put the food on her plate and leave.

She was so bitter toward life and people that she would just sit in the corner of her room and look angrily her rescuers, as if she couldn’t trust anybody.

She also had health problems, in fact she suffers from pancreatic cancer, which may be the reason of her loss of fur. But the true nature of Cinnamon was about to come out. Some good signals were her quiteness and her tidiness. People had to wait months before the situation started to change…

Valia said:

She started allowing you to sit next to her sometimes. She started eating in front of us, moving around in the room as if we didn’t post much of a threat.

Katie, the oldest volunteer of SCARS, started to be accepted by Cinnamon. When she took the ginger cat her food, Cinnamon meowed and leaned on her legs. Katie had to try hours to get close to Cinnamon after she had these results.

One day on December 28 I sat next to her like I always did. I used my sleeve as a shield and approached her neck. She didn’t move.

In fact, I think I even heard her purr.

I could never forget the moment I put my hand out and touched her for the first time. No fur had ever felt sweeter and softer. The more I pet it the more she purred. And the more she purred, the more I felt like crying with joy.

I was in awe, so was she I think.

The change has been amazing: After a month Cinnamon is no longer hostile to humans, she meows at them every morning and wants to play with them.

It is really true that time heals all wounds, now Cinnamon is her old self again, and is not afraid anymore of showing and accepting love. It’s never too late for a change, Cinnamon proved this at almost 18 years old.

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Here’s a video of Cinnamon:

Source: The Orphan Pet

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