Woman Saves Tiniest Kitten Whose Mom Couldn’t Care for Her, 7 Days After the Rescue…

Here’s a beautiful story of a tiny kitten that was so small and weak that her mother couldn’t care for her.

The life of this little fur ball was saved by Hannah Shaw, an animal rescuer very good at saving newborn kittens, that helped not just her, but all her family. She gave all the little kitten’s family a second chance, taking all of them under her lovely care.

Here’s Small Fry!

Small Fry’s mother ignored her probably because she thought she wouldn’t have made it, in fact Small Fry was just so skinny and scrawny.

Her weight was just 170 grams when she was three weeks old, and that’s the weight of kittens of only one week! She also had respiratory problems. Hannah took Small Fry and her four siblings and mother from the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington D.C..

Her mother couldn’t give the extra care the little kitten needed. Hannah said:

Small Fry was drastically smaller than her siblings…. She was really thin. I could feel her every rib.

The vet who visited the little kitten diagnosed him with various problems: URI, anemia, and heart murmur.

X-rays showed that her lungs look better than anticipated but her belly is full of air from gasping. The vet gave SQ plasma, B12, iron, and 3 new meds.

Hannah knew exactly how to help the little kitten: she tube fed her 24/7, kept her warm and hydrated all the time. She had all the medications and the nutrients she needed to start healing.

Small Fry is the bravest little quarter pounder on the planet… Throughout all of this, she remains sweet and loving–tiny, but mighty.

The change happened in two days only, Small Fry’s reached 217g of weight from 170g. Her eyes were shining, she was present and started interacting with her family.

She is actively seeking affection and purring.

She even found the strenght to nurse on her mother.

Hanna told:

When a kitten is severely congested, it can prevent her from eating due to not being able to smell or latch. Meds are starting to kick in, and with tube feeding and SQ fluids, she finally has enough energy that she is showing interest in nursing.

Here’s a picture of Yam and Small Fry!

Hanna continued:

One week ago I honestly thought Small Fry was going to die. In just 7 days since I rescued her, her life has totally changed.

She has nearly doubled in weight, she can breathe again, she can nurse again, and she’s slowly starting to enjoy being a kitten.

Small Fry reached 305g, this is what love can do!


Source: Love Meow

Photos by: Hannah Shaw

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