People Find Tiniest Kitten in Middle of Street, But He’s Not What He Looks Like

A family in Thailand found a tiny kitten in the middle of a street all by himself, without his mother. The family almost immediately saw that the little kitten was not a normal cat.

After rescuers of Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) arrived, they found out that the striped kitten was actually a fishing cat kitten, a rare wild cat twice bigger than the normal cat.

WFFT told that the kitten was just a few hours old.

We were told that the mother of the fishing was actually a released rescued animal, that they had found in a rice field next to the house while working a few years ago, they raised the cat into adulthood and then released it back to the wild.

The mother fishing cat was confident nearby humans, so she returned sometimes to the family’s house, in fact the day before the rescue, she was seen moving around the place.

Almost surely the mother gave birth to a litter, and she lost one of them while she was moving them, dropping just him in the street.

The family called for help once they understood that the mother would not come back, maybe because she had her paws full and forgot about her son.

When we arrived we found the kitten to be very cold and in urgent need of some milk, so we headed straight back to the WFFT Wildlife Hospital with the little kitten held closely to vet Aon’s chest to keep warm.

The Fishing Cat is a species from Southeast Asia. They’re different from normal cats, Fishing Cats are comfortable in water and prey on fish, that’s the reason of their name.

These animals are rare and vulnerable to extinction, because of hunting and the destruction of their habitat.

As WFFT said:

The Fishing Cat faces a high risk of extinction throughout its range and is thought to be amongst the most vulnerable of the small and medium-sized cats in Southeast Asia.

They named him Simba.

Here’s how an adult Fishing Cat looks like:

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Source: thedodo

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