Kitten Fallen Into Barrel of Oil Survived and Is Happy Again

Here’s the story of a really lucky cat. Her name is Sila and she’s a beautiful black kitten. She fell into a drum of used engine oil and survived thanks to a group of workers that saved her before it was too late.

She was heard crying by the workers, but they didn’t know how she got to their workplace and fell into the barrel of oil. They rescued her promptly.

The guys had to contact Just Cats, in Longford, Tasmania, since Sila was just eight week old and was very weak because of the sticky oil. They tried to clean her as best as they could, but readily understood that the situation was serious and had to ask for help. As soon as possible people came to the workplace and took the kitten where she was given emergency care.

The real danger was that the cat had swallowed some of the oil. Her liver was at great risk, but fortunately there was no damage apparently.

As Just Cats director Rachel Beech told:

It was a bit touch-and-go because often the outlook for cats who have ingested engine oil is not good, she had to have a lot of care. I placed her on a heat pack wrapped up in a blanket. Hours later I was amazed to find her responsive, her eyes moved to follow me and she was able to meow.

Her name is not casual at all. Sila is Slovakian for ‘strength’, and she was so strong to survive that her carers chose this beatiful and meaningful name.

The oil could have damaged just her fur, as it could fall from her body, but it will surely grow back when she will be cured completely. Sila is a life lover and she will find a family to love her as she deserves.

Here’s a video for you.

Source: I Heart Cats

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