Girl With Special Needs Finds her Best Friend In A Cat Nobody Wanted

It looked like nobody wanted to take home Lou the cat from the shelter where he lived.

It all changed when a family choosed him for a very special mission.

Lou had his second chance when he got to the Lorca Animal, a rescue group in Lorca, Spain. He’s got a great personality and is very friendly. He likes people and is famous for his cuddles.

Anyway, people couldn’t understand why nobody wanted to take him home. He stayed at the shelter for way too long, but finally a woman named Isa chose him for something special. Maybe it was his destiny to wait for a family like that.

Isa’s daughter, Laura, is 14 years old and suffers from a rare hereditary disorder that affects her neurological and physical development. Since it is well known that animals can comfort people with the condition, Isa went to the shelter and asked for a rescue cat for Laura, and she found it in Lou.

Their first encounter was extraordinary: Lou curled up in Laura’s arms and hugged her with both paws, like a human would do. He leaned his head against her arm and it looked like he was giving her little kisses.

Laura was so happy: Lou gave her the biggest smile possible. She giggled so much. They becomed best friend since the beginning.

Lorca Animal wrote:

We didn’t understand why Lou couldn’t find a family, being such a docile and affectionate cat. Now we understand everything. He was waiting for little Laura, that is the name of this wonderful angel, and her mom Isa.

The encounter was life changing for both of them: Lou found the home he was looking for so long, and Laura found her new best friend, making her laugh and feel protected.

Here’s a video of our friends together:

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Source: The Dodo

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