Retired firefighter saves cat after teen doused it in gasoline and burned it

Here’s a really sad story that shows us how cruel can be a human towards an animal.

On Wednesday the poor kitten was found injured and bound by a rope in a cornfield near Crawfordsville, Indiana.

The author of this vile cruelty is Noah Riley, 19, who presented himself to the local police after he saw a lot of posts on social networks about the cat. He admitted to setting the cat on fire with gasoline and said he wanted to ‘get the issue resolved.’

Retired firefighter Steve Wright was watching TV at home when he saw flames from the cornfield near his house.

The cat was drenched in gasoline, tied up with a rope and as if that was not enough, she had a firecracker on her that didn’t go off. The little kitten probably didn’t die because there was a puddle that helped her with the fire.

As Steve Wright said:

It was very, very quiet. And it was moving slightly but being bound it couldn’t move much. And it was just the look in the eye of the kitten

The cat is now at Purdue Animal Hospital, where good people are helping her, the recovery will be long.

Misha Anderson, Director of the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County, said:

Her ears are shrivelled. Her fur is gone down to the skin. She landed in a mud puddle. So I think that slowed down the fire or at least dampened her fur which caused the only flames to be gasoline so all the fur is mostly singed.

The Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County will pay for the kitten’s medical expenses of about $1000.

Updates on this story can be found at League’s Facebook page here.

Anderson said that the cat will have a new family, since Wright’s neighbor, who helped him rescue the cat, wants to adopt her.

Source: The Sun

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