Cat saves man with injured ankle from mountain after he got lost

Here’s a heartwarming story from Reddit of this wonderful mountain cat, who helps lost travelers find their way back home.

Reddit user sc4s2cg was wandering in Gimmelwald, Switzerland in 2013, when he suddenly lost his way. He injured his ankle, and decided to rest for a while. He sat on a rock, when out of blue a black and white cat showed in front of him. It was a blessing, since all the trails on the map were closed and the lifts weren’t working.

The cat immediately perceived that the man got lost, so she started to move checking if the man was following her.

The cat showed him the way down the valley as if it was the most natural thing for her. obviously she was the host of that place, and showed all her kindness to the people who met.

Then the cat stopped, jumped on a little boulder and started listening for something, probably for his next meal. At that moment the two separated…

But that’s not enough! Other two Reddit users, VasayaK and starspace1, met the black and white kitten hanging around the trails of Gimmelwald.


Source: Reddit

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