Mourning cat lives for an entire year by dead owner’s grave

Do you remember that beatiful movie, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, in which Japanese Akita dog Hachiko stood every day for nine years at the station waiting for the train that his late owner used to take? Well, here it is the feline counterpart.

This story comes from Central Java, Indonesia. A grieving cat was heard crying desperately lying at the burial plot of her deceased owner.

A guy who was passing by, Keli Keningau Prayitno, 28 years old, attempted to adopt the kitten, but she returned every single night to her passed away blue headstone.

Keli observed that the cat sometimes during the day would leave for a couple of hours and then come back. So Keli decided to follow her one day and found out that the kitten would return to her home where she lived with her former owner named Kundari and her children. The kids would then feed the kitten everytime she returned home and soon after she would return to her owner’s blue headstone to loyally meow and roll in the dirt.

Sometimes love and loyalty go far beyond death.

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