Kitten Saved in Tube Sock Sweater From Hurricane Matthew Gets New Home


A cute kitten was saved from Hurricane Matthew, but that’s not enough! She also got a new sweater made from a tube sock, and a new family loving her deeply.

A family looking for cats went to a PetSmart in Northwest Raleigh, North Carolina. A father with his two children were looking at the cats to choose from, when a vet assistant told them that there was a really special kitten waiting for somebody.

When the girl came back with the kitten in the tube sock jumper, it was love at first sight!

The vet assistant told the family that the kitten was 3-4 weeks old and was rescued the day before and was taken to the PetSmart during the hurricane storms.

As Sarah said:

When I first saw her I had to fight off the temptation to take her home myself, this kitten was so soft and precious, and the guy’s kids were really awed by her.

The man talked with his wife about the adoption. It didn’t take long before she was embracing the kitten and thinking about buying her lots of items.

Sarah said:

I was so happy to see her go with them, They bought this huge and fancy litter box, and they were all extra excited so I think Tube Sock Sweater Kitten is in good hands.

Photos by: Sarah twitter@crysomemore

Source: LoveMeow


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